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3019 Kirby Dr
Houston, TX, 77098
United States

Houston's premiere eyelash extension boutique.


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I was blessed with pretty good lashes to start so the thought of extensions really never crossed my mind. The catch phrase for me was when I was told that most gals with lashes like mine choose to get NovaLash so they wouldn’t have to wear mascara! I wear contacts and end up with raccoon eyes more times than not, so the thought of never having to wear mascara appealed to me. It’s been about 3 weeks since my appointment & I LOVE them! I’m a convert!
— Carla Valencia de Martinéz, Editor-in-Chief of Local Magazine
Thanks for always helping with my lashes! I’m excited for the upcoming pageant.
— Nadine Singson, Miss Philippines USA 2015
One and done. I’ll never go back to NOT having lashes. If I had to pick between getting my nails done and getting my lashes done, I’d pick lashes everytime. They just make you look so much prettier and feminine.
— -Megan Silianoff, Lifestyle Blogger at